Consumed/ Wing Night (2019)

Consumed was an exhibition curated by Amber Andersen at the Estevan Art Gallery and Museum from September 27 – November 8, 2019. The suite of paintings Wing Night was a site specific response to Estevan and specifically the culture of Wing Night, featuring gallery staff and board members. 

Mouth open, food or drink is brought in and becomes a part of the subject’s body. Outside literally becomes inside. Mouths create openings to the mysterious, visceral, and messy undertakings of the body and mind. In Wing Night the images are fully rendered around the subjects’ mouths; seductive and grotesque spaces that consume and project, while the rest of the image dissolves into delicate green drafting – an image searching for life and exploding forward from within. As well as exploring the relationship between photography and painting, I am also interested in the intersection of painting and drawing.  For me, playing with different levels of finish conveys the feeling of time passing, of an ephemeral event, and allows me to bring visual attention to particular areas that crystalize in my mind as important or conveying meaning.